Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Sun Doesn't Always Shine in Vegas

That's what they tell me - "Of course it rains here!" Well since I have been here, attempting to settle in as a "local," and not a visitor or a vacationer, the sun has been shining, and shining, and shining to the tune of 100+ degrees temperature for the last two weeks! But guess what? They weren't kidding. This morning the sun was NOT shining and as I looked up to snap the photo below I think I even felt a rain drop.

Right now, at 8 AM, it's 96 degrees after an overnight of 100 and more. The rest of the week promises temps above 110 which is no big deal around here. I lived through 116 last week and didn't notice anyone else blink! That's the desert for you. But, remember it's a DRY heat! Yeah, right!

For the last two weeks I have been sharpening my poker skills which have become rather rusty from lack of play. Returning to the tables with little prep resulted in loose play and too many bad calls. That behavior is on the way out after having dropped a $100 at a $2/$4 table at Santa Fe Station (3 hour session) and $3 at a similar table with a 1/2 Kill at Red Rock after about two hours. My play on WSOP.COM has been better - two final tables in small tournaments going out on the bubble once and one place before the bubble another time.

I tripled a $25 buy on a .25/.50 No Limit Hold'em table on line for my only cash thus far. That was very satisfying but necessitated a quick exit before I bled that profit away too.

Lessons being learned: stop calling from the small blind with junk especially on short handed tables and always - ALWAYS - stay aware of and capitalize on position. Things will improve.

My original plan was to play in the Super Seniors event at the Rio last weekend for $1000 but my level of play dissuaded me from that. Since I am a permanent fixture around here now I can wait until next year for that and test my abilities on smaller tournaments around town.

I am planning a few blog posts on things I miss and do not miss about New York. Stay tuned. Right now I am not missing many things although I am missing many people.

I'll keep in touch.

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