Friday, October 24, 2014

Waiting and waiting and waiting . . .

So, when New York State officials say they will be letting us all know which companies and which sites will get new casinos in various parts of the state toward the END of October, I guess what they really mean is AT the end of October. As of today - 10/24/2014 - there has been no news at all regarding which proposals will make it and which will go home.
This is big business all around and regardless of the negativity surrounding the advent of full scale casinos in the Empire State - lousy out look in Atlantic City, poor receipts in Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Massachusetts holding off because of market saturation and the all around iffy economy - this initiative has us all holding our breaths.

The smart money, as usual, is on the favorites, the huge casino enterprises like Genting America and Caesars. In spite of Caesars' recent financial troubles they are still a front runner for a casino in the Catskills. Genting America has made it clear in recent press releases that building a destination resort in Tuxedo Park, a mere 40 miles from New York City, will have little or no impact on their very successful racino next to Aqueduct Racetrack.

 Whether or not a license is issued at all for the Finger Lakes area is the cause of some speculation. Although the area qualifies as one in need of an economic boost, unlike Tuxedo Park, the population density there is small and they already have gambling opportunities close by.

Let's get on with it! Who gets the casinos and where are they going. We all want to know.