Friday, November 7, 2014

October Was Here and Gone

The New York gambling community is still sitting on its hands waiting for a decision on the location and ownership of the four potential casinos that New York is likely to get in the near? future. All indications were, a few months back, that a decision would have been rendered by the end of October but that didn't happen. Most were not surprised that a decision did not come before Election Day but we are passed that now and still nothing.

In addition, any news about the decision has been sparse. An October 20 article in the Albany Business Review (Here!) has the New York Gaming Facility Location Board convening private meetings in Manhattan on that day but nothing has been heard from them since then.

The probability of a final decision by the end of October was hinted at by spokesman Lee Park but that was a dream or a smoke screen. He is qouted in the article saying, "They are optimistic they can make a decision by the end of the month however if the work requires them to go into November, so be it." 

I'm guessing that the "so be it" part was what he was really trying to say.

All of which leaves us no choice but to sit back, wait, speculate about all that goes on behind closed doors, and hope for the best.

Maybe by Thanksgiving!

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